Premium Shoe Strecher Bundle


Helps Relieve Foot Pain & Sores
Caused By Tight Shoes

  • Affordable & Easy To Use
  • Constructed To Last A Lifetime
  • Unique Sizes For Men & Women
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Bundles Includes: 2 Shoe Stretcher + 1 Stretch Spray

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Extra Large(13 – 14), Large(10 – 12.5), Large(8 – 10), Medium (8 – 9.5), Medium ( 6 – 7.5)

A Shoe Stretcher of The Highest Quality

Works on Both Dress & Tennis Shoes

Premium, "No Plastic" Construction

Eliminates & Prevents Pain 

Caused By:

  • Tight Shoes
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toe
  • Calluses
  • Corns
  • Ingrown Toenails

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Easy To Use & Built To Last

Customer Reviews

This one is built with metal and stretched my favorite leather shoes.  The last one I purchased on Amazon from a different company broke right away. 

Matt P. // Rye, NY

Worked great on my sneakers. They were too tight on me and I needed to make them a size bigger so my toes weren't crunched. 

Abigail K. // Grand Junction, CO

By the way, your shoe stretchers are the best I’ve ever found. Thank you!!

Carl D. // Beaufort, NC

Why Choose Us

No Plastic Construction

Made with thick steel and durable beach wood instead of brittle plastic

2-Way Stretching

Stretch the length or width of any shoe you choose

Works On Both Right & Left Foot

Our premium shoe stretcher can be used for both the left and right foot

Relieves Local Pressure

Includes 3 bunion / corn plugs to stretch hyper-targeted areas


Shipping is always reliable and now free for all orders

15-Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase with confidence. We care about you, the customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there different sizes for both men and women?

Yes! We have different sizes for both men's and women's shoes.  You'll want to choose the appropriate size Premium Shoe Stretcher based on the size of shoe you wear. You can choose the size that works best for you on our Sizing Page

Will this work to stretch both my left and right shoes?

Yes! Our Premium Shoe Stretching device works on both the left and right shoes. You can use the same stretcher to stretch both shoes, one at a time. If you want to stretch both shoes at the same time,  you'll have the option to purchase a second stretcher at a deep discount after checkout. 

What type of shoes can I stretch?

Our Premium Shoe Stretcher can stretch almost any low-top shoe including tennis shoes, sneakers, leather shoes, suede shoes, and more. 

What does "No Plastic Construction" mean?

Our Premium Shoe Stretchers are made to last. The process of stretching shoes can be hard on the stretcher device itself as the pressure needed to stretch shoes can be intense.  While other companies choose to sell shoe stretchers that are made with plastic parts that are prone to breaking under that pressure, we choose to offer a premium stretcher that is NOT made with materials that are prone to breaking. 

Will it make make my shoes wider, longer, or both?

Our stretching devices offer 2-way stretching capabilities. That means you have the ability to make your shoes longer, wider, or both!

Does the stretcher come with free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping on our Shoe Stretchers. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do! We offer a 15-day money back guarantee on all shoe stretching products we offer.

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